CNC Routing for Beautiful 3D Printed Designs

We have been producing and fabricating 3D lettering for shop signage, and 3D sign designs with our modern equipment for some time now. Our CNC Routing machine has a bed of 3050mm x 1770mm and a large depth cut. This allows us the capabilities to cut various materials, including composite materials, aluminium, Lexan, timber, acrylic, Perspex and many more.

With precision automated cutting machines, computerised cutting of intricate designs, and lettering in 3D is possible. Along with our other services, we can now offer you amazing fabricated and finished signage that will make your business stand out. All at affordable pricing.

CNC routing
CNC routing

Print My Sign, is committed to offering a full range of printing, fabrication and finishing operations in-house, which allows one stop shopping. When you order your signage, prints or promotional banners and postes, we want you to experience a smooth ride from design to fabrication and delivery or installation.

Talk to our expert staff on our various offerings and pick your choice, rest assured at competitive prices! Get your FREE Quote today!

CNC Routed Signage Installation

At Print My Sign, we not only fabricate but also do the installation work and remove the hassle of trying to organise a contractor to get it done.

We have worked with a range of businesses including Tourism bodies, local businesses, councils and larger corporate clients.

We have a full-service CNC machine at our centrally located workshop at Moolap VIC and do all our printing, design, fabrication and finishing operations for signs, lettering and other artwork.

If you have an idea of what you want, we can make it come to life!

Call us today to discuss your requirements and to get a FREE Quote!

CNC routing
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